Till we meet again

Almost four years ago we started cooking for Ronald Steiner’s and Anna Trökes’s Ashtanga teacher training classes. The students are about to graduate after four years of study and hard work. Having complete the same training ourselves we developed a special bond with the group and feel privileged to have been a part of their four year journey. From the beginning we developed a special connection were excited to be able to be part of the training but from a different perspective from the time we were students ourselves.

Anyone who has completed teacher training knows that change and evolving is an integral part of the experience. Indeed personal growth and change is the inevitable result the training and study. While we may have been in the kitchen chopping carrots and causing the blenders to roar our thoughts and hearts were often with those in the classroom. We remember the days when you struggled or when you were asked the dreaded vinyasa count.

Occasionally, a student would end up in the kitchen just to momentarily escape the the classroom and find some measure of peace scrubbing pots and pans. Our kitchen sometimes served as a place clear your mind or rest a beat up hamstring. We came to be more than “just cooks”, we became part of the group.

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your experience. We wish you every success and that your journey never ends.
Thank you Trikas, till we meet again.