Parinama in the kitchen

During the last 3 years pink elephant cooking has evolved and changed a bit since we started. Parinima* in the kitchen so to say.
So where does this *evolution in the kitchen come from? Experience!

The journey of daily ashtanga yoga practice has definitely a huge impact on our style and understanding of cooking. As yoga practitioners we need a well balanced diet to be able to get on that mat everyday. Light, nutritious and fun food. With the practice our bodies give us information about what is beneficial. As the mind gets more subtle so does your body. So what you put in your belly becomes a preety important issue and you start to realize that maybe those french fries at 10 o’clock at night we’re not the best idea (even though they were ohhhh sooo yummy).

It is amazing to see what difference pink elephant cooking has not only made for us but for many others. We are very lucky to have a big forum by cooking for lots of other yogis and we get such amazing feedback about what impact our food has on them.
Many people with all kinds allergies, rheumatism and other health issues have been our guests and experience drastic improvements during the time where they eat our food.

We knew we were doing something good but this feedback from people with different health issues has been overwhelming and such an inspiration and motivation to do what we do.

Of course we do not see us as healers of any kind but these stories just show us how important nutirtion, especially in combination with yoga can be.
Keep on cooking and practicing kids!