On the Road

Seven months out of the year we are travelling from one place to another. Inbetween we go home for a couple of days to do a couple loads of laundry, have a good nights sleep in our own beds, meet friends for some high fives and most important give our mothers a kiss.

We are truly blessed to be doing what we are doing. We are able to share our passion about yummy healthy food with people from all over the world. We not so sure we saw all this coming but we sure are happy pants about it.
Big huge „thank you“ to all our wonderful eaters, all the yoga teachers and free spirits who have invited us to be part of their projects and give us a forum to spread the word about pink elephant cooking.

We hope this is only the beggining of many journeys to meet many more interesting peeps and share our knowledge with passion and humor.
Till we one day maybe meet in the kitchen, stay funky and eat happy!