A laugh a day…..

This is a bit of an older picture but we love the vibe of it.It pretty much sums up on how we work.

One of our biggest bonds we have is humor.

Without it we probaly wouldn’t be where we are now and still working together (for 15 years now!).

I can’t count the times where we have almost peed our pants laughing about something totally random.

I have often found Flippo standing in front of a huge pot with hot bubbling good stuff and just laughing his butt and at the same time trying to get a grip of himself. I get my kicks out of writing stupid signs and labels with funny names for our goods. Waiting for Flippo to finally see one of them is like waiting for Christmas so we can have one of those good laughs.

It’s the giggle sessions that get us through the long hours we sometimes spend in the kitchen. Because we have this „make your own“ policy, it is not uncommon that we spend 12 hours cooking, baking and prepping. And without the energy of humor it would more than a drag.

So here’s to long lasting friendship and chuckles!

PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Meyer Photography