With a little help from our friends

It’s about time that we gave out some major thank you’s to our family, friends and supporters. And shame on us that we haven’t done so yet.

Success for sure comes with lots of hard work, dedication, overtime and that extra portion of neverending motivation. But without the support from others success with not happen on a larger scale.

You need people who believe in you and people who not only believe in you, but people who actually see quality in what you do.

And now that we got this THANK YOU thing going we want to start with our loved ones. Our families and our partners. Wether it was washing crates and crates of salad, scrubbing the dried porridge pots, tailoring the coolest cooking jackets ever, giving up the kitchen for baking purposes, making room for more kitchen gadgets, constantly tasting new creations and dealing with the nerding out on food, for all that and so much more we are forever grateful.

Marc, Tanya, Jana, we love you to the moon and back!

Next stop are those who we have worked very close with the last couple of years and who gave us the gift of trust. Those who invited us to be part of taking care of their guests and allowing them also to become our guests. A special thank you goes to Dr. Ronald Steiner, Melanie Steiner (AYI – ULM) and Annettte and Daniel from Yoga Bija who have invited us an several occasions to be part of many retreats.

Such great time guys!

And before we start sobbing and getting too gushy about all this we need to give a shout out to all our eaters. You guys are awesome!